Google Xpress QUIZ

Hi guys, this is my first blog. I coordinated an event named "Google XPress" @ " Kurukshetra 08". I got a huge response for that event and many found it very interesting. Check it out. Post your comments.

1. What are these? Trainyard , Springboard.
They are the code names of Windows XP Service Packs.

2. What is blackle?
It is a Google webpage. It has been created recently to conserve energy as black does not require any power

3. Google proposed a free broadband service for it s users, claiming speeds of 8 mbps (and 32 mbps for the paid version) what am I talking about?
Google Tisp. Actually they use the local municipal sewage system for connecting to the Tisp active nodes.

4. What are these? Tonic Systems, Trendalyzer, Adscape, DoubleClick, Postini
Some of the Google’s acquisitions in the year 2007.

5. What is "Google 15"?
A weight tracking System in Google.

6. Why is the Google homepage so bare?
The founders didn’t know html and just wanted a quick interface. And that’s the reason why the google homepage is so bare. In fact it was noted that the submit button was a long time coming and hitting the RETURN key was the only way to burst Google into life.
7. What is the shortcut key to lock windows XP?
Windows + L

8. Who draws the holiday logos i.e. doogles for Google?
Dennis Hwang

9. How can you google for a number range?
If you want to search from 20 to 30 then its,20..30

10. Expand BIOS
Basic Input Output System.

11. What is so special about April Fool's Day - 2000 in Google?
Google announced a new "MentalPlex" search technology that supposedly read the user's mind to determine what the user wanted to search for, thus eliminating the step of actually typing in the search query

12. Who is a Noogler?
A new person who joins Google as an employee.

13. Little John’s mouse is not working. Help him to navigate the cursor.(Keyboard keys)
Alt + Shift + Num lock

14. Mention the special characters with which you can’t create the folder Names.
/ and \

15. The windows key is not working in Jack’s keyboard. Help him with an alternative for start menu. (Keyboard keys)
Ctrl + Esc

16. Mention the colours in Google logo :)
Blue, yellow, red,green.

17. We all know about What is for?
It also belongs to Google organization. It is created for the welfare of the people and organisations.

18. What is a “google van”?
A hidden Van discovered in the Street View of Google maps is nicknamed as "Google Van”.

19. If you want to search not only for your search string, but also for its synonyms what would you do in Google?
Include ~ before your search

20. What is the shortcut key to display the address bar list in the in My Computer?
Press F4

21. How can you close multiple related windows at once (without using close group)?
Press Shift + close button in last opened window

22. Where can you find the items that are copied and ready to get pasted (Filename)?

23. What can you do in
It opens .we can look for places in maps.

24. What is the interesting fact about (Hint: This site also opens Google)?
The Google page will have the mac-X user interface.

25. How can you determine the XP system uptime?

26. How can we disable the following services?Automatic update, system restore services ,themes, help and support Etc...
Type in RUN as Services.msc

27. How can you select the text vertically in WordPad?
Alt + Select

28. How can you create a folder without a name in desktop?
29. What does windows key + E and windows + break do?
Opens My Computer and System Properties

30. Under what names you can't create a folder in windows?
Con or nul or aux or Lpt1


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