Not another brick in the wall :: Random memories

Bachelor of Engineering. B.E. 
The moment we went out of our school gates with medals and awards, we believed that we are going to be professionals hereafter, after-all we are going to do professional education. I could recollect my first day witnessing my peers coming in proper dressings. New shirts, properly pressed and never these shirts were neither pressed nor washed again. 

We were given with room number 8, block 2. It seemed Dr.Prince (F/O Mr.Deepak) lived in the same room. Another funda, there was a suicide some years back in the same place. Shock! Day 0: Myself, Naren and Kumba were waiting for the 4th member to enter. Came a big fat giant. The first moment we three felt,”OMG! We have to live with him for the next one year”. Later we realized we were wrong. He is a fun filled guy. The name is Chethan. We had stomach full tomato biryani in the night. Just within an hour, I vomited
J. Before I entered my classes, I went to Health Centre. It was a first time hostel experience for most of us. We bunked our classes to sleep and played Dumb Charades, Cards, Chess in the nights. Birthday celebrations were the most interesting part. We used to pile one over other on the cots and were able to break up 5. End result :: We had no chairs to sit. We had to keep them beneath to balance the cots. 
Some more things to remember in Block 2 :: Mobile phone ban, RC Sivasankar ( We met him at IIT Kharagpur later), Robotics, Sparks night, Deepak’s Flute, Kumba Stores, Sanjeev’s drawings, Paapa’s sudokus, Chethan’s white trousers, Sanjeev’s perfect ten, Waves Rs.1000, Brainscan, Binary Search, Politics, late night sleeps.

EDC fever :

It’s a lesson I learnt. Never shout about staffs in public places. I was caught a couple of times and finally ended with an E grade in my first electronics paper. Huh! I am pretty sure she knows less than me about electronics. 

Later we moved to Block 3 and it is the place where became even more notorious. The treat culture started. We started spending time on what we were really interested in. Who cares about marks? We had them enough in our schooling. This time, we got a fever which is still living. K! I was in room number 30 and if they have announced something like Worst Room Award probably we would have won it. Once my uncle paid a visit and showed a different room as mine. Some things to remember :: Google Xpress, Sci-tech Quiz, Vandaloor picnic, 15 GB **** collection, laptops, Shaastra. 

Struggle with Signals and Systems
A clean U grade. Thanks to PVR. The funnier side is he did not give my second and third assess papers. So I met him after the results to know my assessment marks. He handed over the papers. They were 1.5 and 1 each out of 20.

Third and Fourth years were just blinks. We got matured in pranking and having fun. Everyone chose the path they wanted to travel. It was so amazing to see the potentials in every individual. In the fourth year I had to stay in block 4 which was the same block my sister’s father-in-law stayed in the 1970s. The campus had a lot of renovations. The entrance was beautified, new smart cards, better restrooms at hostels, WiFi, projectors and emergency lamps in classes.

Fun during Exams :
Dei! From next semester, we have to prepare properly.
God! This time alone. Please, help me.
Diarrhea for a few (can’t reveal the names :P )
If I have 2 more hours, I will finish it off better.
Scolding the staffs.
De, leave it off. We will write next semester. 
20 minutes sleep. 

Nick Names! They are really crazy. Hard to believe that I can’t recollect some of their original names at the first moment.
Mass, Scientist, Kolantha, Child, Paapa, Baby, Kozhi, Gun Gana, Powerpuff, Jail, Sumo, Ooty, Neyveli, Pondy, Buddy, Bullet, Gul, Father, Thaal maal, Mama, Mapu, Machan, Palam, Fruit, Nobal, Snake-nathan, G, GK, SK, NK, RNK, ND, Psychonath, Jameen, Panna, Thala, Panni, Swine, Miniki/Minikey, Iyer, Nair, Bhagwan, Kumba, Boss, Molleu, Ring, Logic, Kicha, Poga, Kosu, Kirimi, Ulti, Mallu, Aiya, Vaathi, Naai *****

I am not writing for someone to read it. It is just a place to keep my memories awake. Will keep updating it.



Where the hell is your Nickname? I think you were the one to have a nick name before others in our hostel??

Senthil said...

lolz ya.. i missed :P

Maddy said...

Awesome post da kokki! :)

Anonymous said...

Got to the website through quite a random route. Nice one da kokki! It will be super nice when you read these after a long time.