My first print ad! Photoshop Kathukalam Vaanga :)

Well! This is a poster designed by me for a print ad competition.The topic given was "Space Tourism". For those who are very much interested in learning photoshop,here is a small tutorial.
Do it yourself! It's your first ad design :)

1) First create a black background.
This is done using the PAINT BUCKET TOOL.

2)Then a moon pic is inserted.
Adjust the brightness and contrast of this pic.
For this Image-->Adjustments-->Brightness/Contrast

Then an earth picture is taken and placed in the top left corner.

4) Then add some stars...

5)Then draw a rectangular black bar (in the bottom) and set its opacity as 70%

Then type the details that have to be put up.I have used CALIBRI font here.

7) Then some dancing people pics are taken from this pic and inserted.

8) And I leave the logo for you to work out.Its pretty simple.

9) You have done a good job.Keep reading this blog for further tutorials....And pls do leave some comments.


priya said...

Nice tutorial for photoshop learners

The Insomniac said...

lol tutorial was nice dude.

prasanna vanjinathan said...

design s gr8 da :)

VELAVAN said...

hi kokki !!!

Really awesome to learn photoshop da.. great job my friend....

dInEsH SrIrAm said...

waiting for updates dude..

sivan_tly said...

cool poster da.. liked the caption very much