Photoshop Kathukalam Vaanga - II :)

This is for those who ask me "why did u take ECE da?"....I was wondering myself that i have spent one tenth of my life in electronics and communication.Seems to be interesting and challenging to spend 3-4 years with so called the best brains of tamil nadu(including me :) ) This has made me to think different,enjoy myself in doing things that are beyond the education system.Of course,for everyone...These thoughts just arised when i was designing a card.And i came up with a good logo.

I have overlapped a white circle with an opacity of 20 percent

Cut off some part of the white circle.This effect is used in many modern logos such as windows vista...

And finally the reflection favorite one.It's simple to do
1.create another copy of the image whose reflection image has to be obtained.
2.Invert that image(vertically)
3.Set the opacity to around 25 percent
4.Use the eraser tool for further smoothening

It's simple.clean and good looking.I just wanted to keep some name for this logo.See there is some electronics stuff in the design, so i named it as " The symbol of Vetti Velai". :) Happy reading.

This wallpaper is a cool one....Try it out.If you are not satisfied,feel free to post your comments...

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