Googling keeps me Happy!


Imagine a day without the search engines or email service providers. Consider myself hacking all the search engines :)

I said IMAGINE :)

A kind of problem no man couldnt have predicted even in his dreams. Everything haults. Even it would be a better day without food than without Google for many.Free! Just don't dream anymore :) Googling has become an hobby. It gives a great feeling when you find something funny in Google.  An interesting thing i found is Google knows certain things about me than my friends do. One of my friends' dad made me wonder, when he said he was able to identify one of his collegemates after 25 years through google

Go on. Google is calling you. Play with the phrases in Google. Please don't post any comments if you are not playing it.


Who is a failure ?


answer to life the universe and everything  (quite famous)

Type french military victories on google and choose: "I'm feeling lucky"

Chk this one in microsoft's : "Horrid Operating System"

Check out the ones below to know more about me :

"Why did u take ece da"     --->   (Iam the only contender :) )

k.k.senthil kumar erode  

k.k.senthil kumar

k.k.senthil kumar anna university,guindy

k.k.senthil kumar ceg,guindy

k.k.senthil kumar ceg

Check this out :(  :( :(  

I observed that there is another K.K.Senthil Kumar who did his M.E. in ECE Dept,CEG. He has done an IEEE paper. Chk out- "k.k.senthil kumar IEEE" . Huh!

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