Kurukshetra 2010 : Coming Soon Webpage

It's On!

Kurukshetra 2010 : Moving on to fourth edition of the Battle of Brains. Yes, the coming soon site is up. As everyone wished, the coming soon site has to come soon :) And it has. Simple, clean and black. I just can't wait for the launch of this site. Once it was launched, i just pinged everyone in my chat list and asked them to set their status message as www.kurukshetra.org.in Yeah a kinda marketing. Some changed to my request and some did not, yet they checked out the site. And that is also a marketing. Solves our purpose. And one could not tolerate this and he started marketing what I did :) the
BIG man. And it's a mention that K10 is up and S08 is still going on :)


Abhi said...

Great job with the site. Kudos :) As for RK's status msg, ha ha!

Premkumar said...

Here we go... that many ppl marketing for kuruk!! thats awesome man... guess its gonna be much bigger this yr with u guys doin it..