The Diwali Shopping!

The day started with Harish waking up me in the early morning at 10 AM. Quite unusual! But i could clearly understand the fact that he needs something out of me. Harish is my sister's son. He is a 6 year old boy. Screamed Crackers! Crackers! Somehow i was able to convince him to go in the night and went to bed again.

Damalal! Dumil! Surr! Buzz! Ayan Pattasukal.

The typical ad that strikes in most people's mind. Yes!

Finally we started moving and all the way he was explaining me all sorts of crackers he knew, he dreamt. Sometimes Children are the best Innovators. They have no boundaries in their thoughts. Entering into the world of crackers, he was not able to control himself. I just spent sometime listening to him. He had his own explanations for each type of crackers. This is what a child could see.

Coming to me, guess what i would have noticed. :P

Aishwariya Rai is the most dominating figure in the cracker packs. I wonder what's the relation between Aishwariya, Children and Crackers. May be the manufacturers would have printed it so that some fathers would prefer to choose those boxes. Some other prominent figures are Amitabh, Monalisa, Trisha. Clueless! Particularly trisha was dominating in the Wala packs. After all these observations i got the price list. Here is the twist. Chakkars were in the top of the list. Here is the chakkars list.

Ground Chakkar Big (10 pieces)
Ground Chakkar Medium
Ground Chakkar Big
Ground Chakkar Special
Ground Chakkar Deluxe
Wire Chakkar Big
Wire Chakkar Small
Wire Chakkar Big (attached)
Wire Chakkar Small (attached)

Ground Chakkar Big
Ground Chakkar Special
Ground Chakkar Deluxe

Omg! I randomly ticked two. This is how my shopping went. There was something more to be observed in the list.

American Delight
Italian Delight
Oye Bubbly (This is not Arun Ice creams' Menu)
No Entry

Miami Nights, Narnia, Lal Mirchi, Mars Attack, Pop Corn, Cappaccino, Cactus rain, Bad Boys, BackStreet Boys, Hot Girls, White Chicks, Pirates, Terminator, Kodak, Konica, Paris, Lon Denmark, Germany, Poland, Finland, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Spain

Whatever, everything is going to get burst, burnt!

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