Kurukshetra :: One last post

May 9, 2009 the day, we were been announced as the cores of Kurukshetra 2010. It was a mixture of pride, responsibility and fear. Will we able be to keep up the vision thats been accomplished over the past?  

With over 12 teams, the task we had to do was no simple. The corporates just coined a carp "recession", we had to work some strategies to keep us in the top. Huge amount of planning and time was invested into it. Then the substance of Kurukshetra 2010. The publicity, logistics and every single person had the potential of delivering great results. There were times that awed us. Just an incident to cite

A junior called up and said his online event has witnessed participation from 75 countries. 
Our sponsor core just opened the price money excel sheet.
He just added a zero at the last for that event and the final sum was just 50,000. 
Everyone asked how could he do that. 
"Issue closed. The price for that event is going to be Rs.50,000." 
Never before we spent Rs.45,000 in a second :)
All these happened in the absence of our hopeless finance core.

This is the time I came to understand the meaning of 

  Management terms like productivity, information and data management, analytics and all these helped in    
  baffling people
  Making people to work for your self rather than for the organisation
  What could ignite a mind and what not
  Make people to believe that you are the busiest human on earth
  Professionalism & Class
  Microsoft Office
  Smileys :)

Everyone who worked has his own learnings and things to pop out his collars. There may be thousands of accomplishments as an individual but the satisfaction of doing a work as a team gives the joy and pushes to do more. The more we worked, the more we had the thirst of doing it. Kick! We never had opinions and views in common, but the passion, dream and the cause was one. The marathon meetings, hopeless waiting for signatures & approvals, boxing day deadlines, late night dinners, Wow! wish to work more.

~ QMS core

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